IMG_9208The Connected Leadership for Coaches Foundation Programme is for coaches at all levels of experience – it is about professional and personal development. The programme is experiential and enables people to work at a soul level.

The programme is presented in English and the sessions challenge the ontology and epistemology of the participants. Together we will create new awareness, and powerful distinctions for finding your somatic, emotional and cognitive centre and for building relationships, and establishing coaching presence.

Starting with a focus on how to establish safety, the programme builds over two days. Working with the herd of horses creates great openings for learning about the way we use our bodies and the impact of moods and emotions for us and our clients. At the end of the first day with the horses we will find some surprising ways to work with spoken and unspoken language, our senses and intuition.

Support for learning and ongoing embodiment and embedding:

Before the course you have the opportunity to spend 45 minutes with Paul creating a context for the two days. This will be done by ‘phone or Skype. Some two to three weeks after the work with the horses you have a chance again to work with Paul or Sarah to further embed the learning into your personal and professional practice.