Connected Leadership for Coaches generates a new sense of connection for coaches with themselves, others, the horses and the natural world.  IMG_2993The programme is built on the themes of self-leadership, relationships, team and organisational leadership.

We work together with you and the horses to awaken new avenues of communication, to develop heart led connections with nature and your passion for what you do. We want the whole programme to bring you fresh insights into the distinctions that define your unique contribution to clients and their organisations.

The sessions give access to new awareness of self, others and the total environment. Working with a horse provides powerful,  immediate and direct feedback.   IMG_2865Fresh styles of listening and learning give rise to a new understanding of your presence in the world and help create space for new behaviour, communication, and relationship to your own biography.   The programme will build your observational skills, and somatic presence – and at the end the sessions will help you to design, plan and execute in real life situations. IMG_9641

Coaches will learn:

  • new awareness of who they are and how they interact with the world and their coachees;
  • new understanding of personality, behaviour and personal presence;
  • to bring a new observer to models of learning and individual and collective learning styles;

Coaches will experience:

  • the opportunity of authentic connection;
  • leadership styles and their impact on coachees, conversations and communities;
  • the power available when language, emotions and somatic presence are congruent;

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